March 1, 2012
by admin

Play is Children’s Work…

A Word from Raffi (Children’s singer, entertainer and advocate)

 Maria Montessori, one of the last century’s most brilliant educators, said that “play is the work of children.”  I often quote her when speaking to groups of parents and teachers, and then add, “and young children are 100% employed, all the time.”

It’s through play that children make sense of things, from their own physical bodies to the web of animals and people in their lives.  In a society dominated by “work,” adults sometimes trivialize play, forgetting that it inspires both imagination and creativity—what we all need to become the best we can be.

Play takes its own time; remember, it’s called “play and not “fast forward.”  Lifelong learning and emotional health begin with child’s play.  Play’s the thing!  So get on out to your Children’s Museum and PLAY!!

November 9, 2011
by admin

New Website for Children’s Museum of Central Nebraska

We hope this new site will provide you the latest information about the news and events happening at the museum.  There is always something exciting happening…so stop on by!  Let your children explore and enjoy the new Holiday exhibits…Santa’s Workshop, the Gingerbread Cookie Shoppe, and the Hibernation Cave.

November 8, 2011
by admin

Reciprocal membership offers fun and freedom

From One Tank Trips to Cross Country Adventures the best value is the Reciprocal Traveler Membership $100.

Traveler members receive all the benefits of membership plus admission to over 165 other children’s museums across the U.S. and Canada.

This is a great way to experience different museums, while still being able to enjoy the benefits of the Children’s Museum of Central Nebraska.  Purchase yours today!