July 26, 2019
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GRAND OPENING Children’s Museum of Central Nebraska!!

Please join us in celebrating our great new location at 1115 W. 2nd Street Lower Level of Allen’s Superstore

on Sunday August 4th from Noon to 5pm.

We will be having a variety of games, activities and visitors!

This event is FREE for CMCN members and included in admission for all visitors!

 Outside Events in the West Parking Lot:


Tropical Sno will donate a percentage of all Sno Cones purchased during our entire event to CMCN!

Allen’s Food Truck will donate a percentage of sales to CMCN!

Hastings Fire Department will have a truck and actvity

Nebraska State Patrolman Matt with his Dog


Local 4 Storm Chaser


Teddy Bear Mobile will be set up the entire 5 hrs. and will donate $5 to the museum for every bear/animal


We will be doing Handprint “leaves” on our Tree mural with your child’s name for $20 donation throughout the event.

The museum will have Carnival games and a Magician from 1-2pm

Princesses & Super Heroes will be visiting the museum from 2-3pm

Balloon Animals from 2-3pm

Face Painting will be available from 4:00-5:00pm


July 3, 2019
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New Location is OPEN!

July 2nd 2019 was our first official day OPEN to the public!
Come check out our AMAZING new space!
1115 W. 2nd Street Hastings, Ne in the  Lower Level of Allen’s Superstore.

March 29, 2019
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Summer Camps 2019

We will be at our NEW location and open in time for all of these FUN Learning camps to begin in June! Get your child/ren signed up for the fun TODAY!
2019 Sizzling Summer ScienceNature Camps
At the Children’s Museum of Central Nebraska 12th & Marian Road
These fun days will begin Tuesday June 4th and run in weekly sessions through Friday August 2nd
There will be NO camps the week of July 4th! Children will explore science, art, cooking and nature through hands-on activities! Sign up for 1 or all 8 of the fun-filled learning weeks! Every Friday we will meet at a local park. Call 463-3300 to enroll. Camps fill up early and class size is limited so enroll your child early!! Week 6 is for 6-9 yr olds. Camp forms at the museum or on the website. www.cmocn.org

Week 1-GROW AND BLOOM Ages 3-6 yrs. June 4-7th – 9:00am-11:30am
Budding gardeners will learn what it takes to make things grow through stories, activities and games!

Week 2- June 11-14th- 9:00-11:30am ONCE UPON A TIME…THERE WAS A PRINCESS!Ages 3-6 yrs.
You are cordially invited to attend a royally exciting week of Princess Camp. We will create fun crafts, and games, and learn what it means to be a princess. We might even have a “Princess” visit!

Week 3-June 18-21st- 9:00-11:30am CAMP SHARK…DOO DOO DOO DOO Ages 3-6

Week 4 –June 25–28th-9:00-11:30am RED…WHITE & BLUE COOKERY Ages 3-6 yrs.
In celebration of the 4th of July, children will pour, measure, and make tasty red, white and blue recipes! Patriotic crafts, and games will also be part of the fun!

Week 5-July 9-12th -9:00-11:30am DINOSAURUS=FUNASAURUS Ages 3-6 yrs.
Children will become paleontologists as they go back in time to the days of the dinosaur.

Week 6- July 16-19th -9:00-11:30am 1…2…3…4…WE WANT A COLOR WAR Ages 6-9
“Get Colorful” this week! Campers will divide into 2 teams, each a different color and will enjoy friendly and very COLORFUL competetions & crafts!

Week 7- July 23-26th –9:00-11:30am MAGNETIC FORCE Ages 3-6 yrs.
Magnets are so much fun for kids to play with and explore…this camp will be full of experiments like magnetic slime, and art using all kinds of magnets!

Week 8- July 30-August 2nd –9:00-11:30am AMAZING BRIDGES Ages 3-6yrs.
From Three Billy Goats Gruff crossing the troll’s bridge to building our own bridges, even an Edible one! This camp will be all about “engineering” amazing bridges!

March 29, 2019
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The Children’s Museum will be moving to a new home! Allen’s Lower Level at 1115 W. 2nd.
It will be a great new space with lots of updated exhibits for hours of fun and learning!

We will close our doors at the old Imperial Mall this Friday March 29th at 5pm.
We plan to be closed April & May to make the move to Allen’s!
Reopening is planned for June!

December 28, 2018
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8 Smart (and Fun!) New Year’s Resolutions Kids Can Make

Boy and girl celebrating New Year’s Eve

If you typically start the New Year fresh by making resolutions, consider getting your kids in on the tradition this year. Not only can it be a valuable teaching moment about setting goals and sticking to them, but the practice of choosing an achievable resolution for the new year can be a fun way for kids to develop their communication and decision-making skills. “Parents can start by explaining what a resolution is and give examples of ones they have set in past years,” says Dr. Kristen Eastman, PsyD, a pediatric clinical psychologist at Cleveland Children’s Hospital. “Asking your children for ideas and helping them evaluate the options together is really important.”

Just keep in mind that resolutions should always be discussed in a positive way with children: for example, saying “I’m going to do this…” instead of “I’m going to STOP doing this…”

RELATED: How to Teach Kids Perseverance and Goal-Setting
“You don’t want your child to feel like something in wrong with them now,” Dr. Eastman explains. “Rather, frame the conversation as ‘something that could be better if we did this.'” Also, take care to help your child pick a resolution that is both achievable and specific. If your child suggests well-intentioned but vague ideas like “Be a better friend” or “Be healthier,” try to help her filter those ideas into tangible actions that can be done every day, either by herself or together as a family: “Help a friend with math homework before every test” or “Spend 30 minutes outside each day.”

Here are eight suggestions for good resolutions that kids can make:

Instead of: “I’m going to eat healthier.”Suggest: “I’m going to drink two glasses of milk each day instead of soda or juice.” Or, “I’m going to eat two pieces of fruit at lunch each day.”
These are just two examples of healthy resolutions—your child’s should be tailored to his individual needs. “Target the area you and your child need to improve upon and discuss why that is important for you,” Dr. Eastman says. So, if you want to eat less fast food, talk about what you are going to eat instead. If you need to eat more veggies, agree on a specific number for the week, and so on.

Instead of: “I’m going to exercise more.”Suggest: “I’m going to join a soccer team.” Or, “I’m going to go to yoga class with Mom on Saturdays.”
Increasing physical activity is always a good resolution, but Dr. Eastman says the word “exercise” can be boring. “If you make it sound fun, it’s more likely to stick.”

Instead of: “We’re going to cut down on screen time.”Suggest: “We’re going to read for 30 minutes before bed instead of watching TV.”
It’s not enough to simply say, “We’re going to reduce screen time.” Quantify how much you and your child will reduce and what you’ll be doing instead.

Instead of: “I’m going to help out around the house.”Suggest: “I’m going to set the table for dinner every night.” Or, “I’m going to help clean my bedroom once a week.”
Committing to chores is always smart because it can make kids feel needed and useful. Plus, you’ll get a little help around the house!

Instead of: “I’m going to be nicer to people.”Suggest: “I’m going to do one random act of kindness a week.” Or, “I’m going to talk to one person at school I’ve never met each week.”
Similar to #1, a social resolution should also be tailored to your child and the area they would like to improve upon. So, a shy child would likely have a different resolution (like the latter above) than a child who’s working on being nicer to other kids.

Instead of: “We’re going to be more eco-friendly.”Suggest: “We’re going to start a recycling program at home.” Or, “we’re going to shorten our showers to only five minutes to conserve water.”
“As a family, decide what being green means and how to translate that to a reasonable family goal,” Dr. Eastman says.

Instead of: “I’m going to learn something new.”Suggest: “I’m going to learn how to make chocolate chip cookies.” Or, “I will learn how to sing.”
Learning new skills is always an exciting resolution that everyone looks forward to.

Instead of: “We’re going to spend more quality time together.”Suggest: “We’re going to have game night every Friday.” Or, “we’re going to eat breakfast together on Sunday mornings after church.”
Commit to spending more family time together having fun (this might be the easiest one to keep!).
Remember that when it comes to resolutions, it’s important for parents to lead by example. In other words, your child is more likely to accomplish her resolution if she sees you sticking to your own goal (which can be tough!). And don’t be afraid to adjust your goals along the way if they’re becoming stale or—imagine!—you actually accomplish them. There’s value in teaching kids to follow through on a goal long-term, even if they need to tweak it along the way.

Now, here’s the million dollar question: How do you help your child stick to his or her resolutions (and complete your own as well)? Easy, Dr. Eastman says, “Find a way to make it fun!” Maybe for your family that’s tracking progress with a visual reminder, like putting marbles or cotton balls in a glass jar every time your child completes his or her goal. Or, perhaps it’s having a little family competition of who can stick to their goal the longest and rewarding the winner with a special privilege. Find out what motivates your family, and go for it!

September 18, 2018
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Career Day…Oh, The Things You Can Be!

October 14, 2018

Career Day is an afternoon of learning and inspiration, with activities that encourage children to learn about and imagine themselves in different careers.
Professionals from the community will have interactive activities and a photo booth will allow
children to dres up and “try out” different careers.

Sponsored by

August 29, 2018
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Fall Is In The Air!

All kinds of Fall learning adventures will be starting after the Labor Day Holiday!  
Toddler Art, Preschool camps, Fairy Tale Fridays, and other special Holiday events!  
Dates and times will be posted on our calendar as they are scheduled!                                                                           Be sure to make Play and Learning part of your fall schedule!

March 16, 2018
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Summer is just around the corner and our Adventure camps are filling up!

There are still openings in all 7 weeks of our Summer Camps! Register your child/ren today for a Fun filled summer of learning!
2018 Sizzling Summer ScienceNature Camps
At the Children’s Museum of Central Nebraska 12th & Marian Road
These fun days will begin Tuesday June 5th and run in weekly sessions through Friday July 27th.
There will be NO camps the week of July 4th!
Children will explore science, art, cooking and nature through hands-on activities! Sign up for 1 or all 8 of the fun-filled learning weeks! Every Friday we will meet at a local park. Call 463-3300 to enroll. Camps fill up early and class size is limited so enroll your child early!! Week 6 is for 6-9 yr olds.
Camp forms at the museum or can be emailed!

Week 1- June 5-8th – 9:00am-11:30am CARS…VROOM…VROOM Ages 3-6 yrs.
Start your engines! This camp will be all about Race Cars…Lightning McQueen & friends!

Week 2- June 12-15th- 9:00-11:30am CAMPFIRE COOKERY Ages 3-6 yrs.
Everything tastes better when you’re “camping”. We’ll learn to cook more than s’mores in the great outdoors!! You might even want these recipes for your next family camping adventure!

Week 3-June 19-22nd- 9:00-11:30am MOANA…ISLAND FUN Ages 3-6yrs.
Campers will journey to the Tropics and enjoy island fun and discovery with Moana crafts, games, and snacks!

Week 4 –June 26–29th-9:00-11:30am POP BOTTLE SCIENCE Ages 3-6 yrs.
The Pop bottle is a perfect miniature science lab that campers will use for all kinds
of cool scientific experiments! It’s pure bottled magic!

Week 5-July 10-13th -9:00-11:30am FOILED AGAIN! Ages 3-6 yrs.
This camp will be a very creative one! Tin foil isn’t just for the kitchen. We will do all activities from crafts to games with this shiny silver foil!!

Week 6- July 17-20th -9:00-11:30am CAMP TIE DYE Ages 6-9 yrs.
Get your “GROOVY” on as we mix colors and watch them blend into amazing creations!

Week 7- July 24-27th –9:00-11:30am FANCY NANCY…OOH LA LA Ages 3-6 yrs.
No one knows Fancy like Nancy! Campers will use Fancy Nancy stories to create & explore all things extraordinare (that’s a fancy word for Cool Stuff) !